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Jan 23, 2017
Gabriel Hardman reads HELLBLAZER #27

Chase and Joe are back for a new round of reviews, interviews, bickering, and general nonsense. This week's guest on RCBC is the insanely talented storyteller and artist Gabriel Hardman who is publishing a new one-shot at Image Comics in February called The Belfry

Gabriel is renowned both as a comics storyteller and Hollywood storyboard artist. In addition to the horrifying The Belfry, he is currently creating Invisible Republic with his wife Corrina Bechko. In movies he has worked on films like Interstellar, The Dark KnightInception, and most recently Logan. It's an impressive resume and he offers plenty of great insight in this interview. 

He chose to discuss Hellblazer #27, another standalone horror story created by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. It's a chilling ghost tale titled "Hold Me" that examines the nature of human connection and warmth. We were both blown away by this gem of a comic and hope listeners seek it out after listening to our discussion with Gabriel.

We also cover two new comics in our review segment.

Ultimates2 #3
Written by Al Ewing
Art by Travel Foreman
Colors by Ron Brown

X'ed #4
Written by Tony Patrick
Art by Ayhan Hayrula Brian Level
Colors by Doug Garbark

Finally, in The Comics Canon, we take on whether a certain comic deserves to be considered a classic of the medium. This isn’t for obvious cases like Watchmen or Maus. It’s defined for well-loved or forgotten comics that might need to be reassessed. This week we tackle I Kill Giants created by Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura.

We hope you enjoy the continuation of our newest reboot on the Comic Book Reboot Podcast, long may it last.

Introduction: 00:00:00
Weekly Review—Ultimates 2 #3: 00:04:43
Weekly Review—X'ed #4: 00:20:30
Gabriel Hardman interview: 00:31:20
Hellblazer Book Club: 00:54:20
Canon of Comics—I Kill Giants: 01:15:59

Music: “Chipfunk” by Emmett Plant

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Total Runtime: 01:31:12


Jan 16, 2017
Megan Purdy reads WUVABLE OAF

The Reboot Comic Book Club is back in action with a reboot of our own. This week Chase Magnett joins Joe Schmidt as co-host. Together they will be offering new segments and expanded coverage. Don't worry though, the heart of this show isn't changing and they'll continue to host guest from throughout the comics industry to discuss projects and join in a book club. The very first guest of the all-new, all-better RCBC is none other than Megan Purdy who is here to discuss her work on Women Write About Comics and Ed Luce's Wuvable Oaf!

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Megan has been the editor-in-chief of Women Write About Comics from its inception and has developed the site into one of the absolute best being published today. Her staff of editors and writers contribute a smart collection of pop culture criticism, interviews, and discussion from a wide variety of perspectives. She also has some mystery projects in the works that we try to get some details on.

She chose to discuss the delightful Ed Luce's just as delightful comic Wuvable Oaf: Blood and Metal. This second collection details the adventures of Oaf as he wrestles in his alter-ego, revels in heavy metal, and goes through a variety of other adventures. It is absolutely charming and we hope our discussion brings that across.

We also cover two new comics in our review segment. 

God Country #1
Written by Donny Cates
Art by Geoff Shaw
Colored by Jason Wordie

Deathstroke #10
Written by Christopher Priest
Art by Cary Nord
Colors by Jeromy Cox

Finally, in The Comics Canon, the other new segment, these two take on whether a certain comic deserves to be considered a classic of the medium. This isn't for obvious cases like Watchmen or Maus. It's defined for well-loved or forgotten comics that might need to be reassessed. In the very first installment Kingdom Come, created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, is up for discussion.

We hope you enjoy the new segments and format, and tolerate the new co-host. This reboot, rebirth, and restart ought to provide the best version of this comics podcast yet.

Introduction: 00:00:00
Weekly Review—God Country #1: 00:04:00
Weekly Review—Deathstroke #10 Review: 00:15:00
Megan Purdy Interview: 00:27:18
Wuvable Oaf Book Club: 00:45:50
Canon of Comics—Kingdom Come: 01:13:10

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Sep 28, 2016

We're back with a look at Panel Exploration, the inaugural event from Omaha Bound and Tim Benson!

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Benson started Panel Exploration as a way to foster more growth and communication in Omaha's burgeoning art scene, bringing creators like Stan Sakai and Phil Hester to town for discussions and workshops.

We discuss their first event and what Benson hopes to do for the future, as well as the book club's Pick of the Week in the form of Usagi Yojimbo!

This week we talk about Volume 18 of the long-running series, titled Travels with Jotaro. If you've never read a page of the classic Usagi Yojimbo before, don't be afraid! This comic is perfect for new readers, so dive right in!

Tim on Usagi Yojimbo v18:
"It really is something you can just pick up. It didn't matter to me that we start with volume 8 or volume 1. So Volume 18 was just as good as any other ... I kind of wanted to prove or test whether or not you could start in the middle. Sometimes you pick up a book and there's SO much history, you feel like you've missed something. But I always felt in Usagi Yojimbo you just simply understood that you're meeting a character that has history, just like when you're meeting a new person, they have history but you don't feel like you've missed something."

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Runtime: 00:58:08

Sep 12, 2016
STRANGERS IN PARADISE v2 with Monica Gallagher

It's time for a bi-weekly schedule because Joe is busy! WahooOOO! Let's use this opportunity to dig into some of our favorite podcasts thus far, shall we?

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Here's a classic episode of the Reboot Comic Book Club with friend Monica Gallagher! On the docket: realistic possibilities of lakeside werewolf attacks, first jobs, bar-hosted micro-cons, and her new Kickstarter campaign for webcomic Bonnie N. Collide—Nine to Five! We also discuss the collected release of her Oni Press title, Part-Time Princesses!

Gallagher has chosen the slice-of-life-turned-crime-epic from Terry MooreStrangers in Paradise! Specifically, we're reading Volume 2 but it was so damn good that Joe had to go back and read the first collection just to be sure that the bat-shit crazy turn in this story is truly unheralded (it is). 

Purchase Bonnie N. Collide and more from Monica's storefront!

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

Runtime: 1:02:32

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Sep 5, 2016
Declan Shalvey reads HEARTLAND

First of all, congratulations to our latest guest Declan Shalvey on the news of his engagement to comic color artist Jordie Bellaire! We're very happy for them and wish them the best!

Now come listen to Declan talk about some awesome comics!

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While we've discussed Declan's work on this show in the past (with special guest Frank Barbiere), this marks the artist's first time on the podcast to discuss a work he's admired.

Declan is revered for his collaborations with Warren Ellis, including the acclaimed creator-owned series Injection as well as a rejuvenating run with the Marvel character  Moon Knight. He's currently finishing his first written-and-drawn project for Marvel, a story about Nick Fury running in the Civil War 2 anthology series, Choosing Sides, as well as providing backup story art for Scott Snyder's All-Star Batman.

Yeah, the dude is busy.

We really appreciate Declan taking time from his schedule to discuss a little known one-shot spinning out of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Hellblazer run called Heartland. The story also has art contributions by color artist Daniel Vozzo and letterer Clem Robbins. Set in Belfast, Ireland in the early '90s, the story focuses on Kathy AKA Kit, Constantine's ex-girlfriend, in a story that really has nothing to do with Constantine or the occult, no magic, no demons, but tons of cigarettes.

Declan on Heartland:
"I was a big fan of Preacher when it was coming out. Growing up in Ireland, I didn't really get much access to comics. I was able to get Preacher because there was trade paperbacks, so I could go to a bookstore and get them. But I managed to get to a comic book store one time and I saw this ... so I picked it up. And I think it's probably had more of an effect on me as a storyteller than anything else I've ever read. Having read Preacher, I expected some grossest violence, maybe some humor, nuanced characters and whatnot. What I got was this really compelling piece of family drama. I don't think I'd ever read any non-genre comic book before..."

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Aug 22, 2016
Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou reads Suicide Squad #10

We're helping Comics Bulletin celebrate the Suicide Squad with our discussion of Issue 10, "Up Against the Wall," and we're having Hassan Osmane-Elhaou on the show!

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Hassan brings a critical eye to the comic's visuals, analyzing this superhero masterwork from John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, Bob Lewis and Todd Klein. Take a look at what our own Ardo Omer has to say about this issue as a part of our ongoing features focused on the Suicide Squad.

Hassan took time from making his wonderful Strip Panel Naked videos and his Snapshot column for Comics Bulletin to join the podcast, so make sure you check out his features if you like what you hear on this episode.

Hassan on Suicide Squad #10:
"If you have an interest in art, in terms of drawing, McDonnell and Lewis, the inker, do some really really beautiful work with lighting. They're always very aware of where the light source is coming from and how that's going to affect the characters. I mentioned the panel on page 19 where there's a very clear, obvious overhead light on the Squad and you can see the edges of the light. But even in the very first page starts out with the priest and another chap ... where they're going into what looks like a cell... And it's rendered where they're both completely in silhouette with two overhead lights and ... thin panels on the ground from where the light's cast. You can tell from the very first page, and the the second panel that you see is someone flicking the light on, and I think that's a great explanation of how well and how overt the use of lighting is in this story."

Check out Hassan's Patreon here!

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Aug 1, 2016
San Diego Comic-Con 2016 with Emi Lenox, Gene Luen Yang, and Zander Cannon


Emi Lenox of Plutona and Tadaima!

Zander Cannon of Kaijumax and Heck!

Gene Luen Yang of American Born Chinese and New Super-Man!

The latest episode of the Reboot Comic Book Club checks in with all of these guests at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 in a special co-hosted by Comics Bulletin Publisher Mark Stack and Editor In Chief of Women Write About Comics Megan Purdy!

00:00:00 — Show Intro
00:07:55 — Gene Luen Yang interview w/ Mark Stack
00:16:48 — Favorite Independent/Small Press comics
00:21:40 — Emi Lenox interview w/ Joe
00:44:01 — Black Comix Panel, Where are the Webcomics?
00:54:47 — Zander Cannon interview w/ Joe
01:08:30 — Our favorite movie trailers (aka Mark goes crazy over the Justice League footage)

It's that time of the year again when corporate interests and media blitzes intersect in the city of San Diego, forcing its denizens to retreat indoors whilst the freaks descend upon the Gaslamp, spreading terror and swag throughout the streets in the hunt for celebrities to take selfies with.

But this cluster of corporate consumerism allows an opportunity for the biggest and best name sin comics to congregate in one amorphous drunken haze during which everyone makes bad decisions. 

We discuss the worst of the bad decisions we made, including wearing shoes to the con that serve an aesthetic better than comfort, bad Chinese food, $9 beer at the Eisners, and much more.

Let us take you on a journey to a place filled with swag bags, smelly exhibiters, and unhelpful security guards.

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Jul 18, 2016
Sophie Campbell reads AVENGE BY JEMMA SALUME

Make sure you prep for San Diego Comic-Con with our amazing new podcast featuring Sophie Campbell! Welcome, Sophie, to the Reboot Comic Book Club!

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You probably know Sophie from her wonderfully funny livetweets of films like Star Wars, Fant4stic Four, and Prometheus. 

Oh, and you probably have seen her amazing artwork in titles like Wet MoonGlory, and Jem and the Holograms

This week we discuss the Oni Press rereleases of Wet Moon, how she depicts music in a comic book, and why comics are the best medium for her to tell stories.

And for her pick of the week, Sophie chose an independent self-published comic by Jemma Salume called Avenge! Sophie comes from a tabletop RPG background, while I played a ton of RPG video games, and we both found a lot to love about this wonderful fantasy story.

Go read Avenge RIGHT NOW before you listen to the show, and then come back to hear us gush about its details and aesthetic!

Sophie on Avenge:
"I'm a big fan of Jemma's stuff and she posted a link to her comic on Gumroad on her Tumblr or whatever, and I was like 'Oh my god! She's finally done this full-length comic colored! It's this whole complete thing!' I bought it immediately and read it, and was like, 'this is what we should talk about.' ... I thought it was super good.  I also love silent comics with no words. This hit my sweet spot, so to speak."

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Jul 11, 2016

She's been super busy relocating halfway across the country, but she still made time to join the Reboot Comic Book Club! I am proud to welcome Janelle Asselin to the podcast!

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Known for her eclectic career in the comics industry, Janelle has edited comics for the biggest publishers, written wonderful critiques and interviews with Comics Alliance and Graphic Policy, and is now publishing romance comics through her company Rosy Press.

In the wake of yet another successful Kickstarter for their romance anthology Fresh Romance, Rosy Press partnered with Oni Press to bring the trade paperback to stores everywhere.

Janelle discusses the romance genre and what it means to storytelling, the frustrating state of the direct market comics industry, successful Kickstarter campaigns, and the challenges of running a comic publisher.

And on top of all that, we also discuss her pick of the week, Mary Talbot and Bryan Talbot's The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia! The Dark Horse OGN chronicles the struggles and late life of French anarchist Louise Michel and how she helped ignite a social revolution.

Janelle on The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia:
"Mary and Bryan, when they collaborate, seem to do these really interesting feminist works that... should be talked about more in the comics industry. I bought this a couple weeks ago when I was at a comic shop and just thought it looked fascinating. I am personally very interested in socialism and there's sort of an air of socialism about the whole story that I really like. But it's also a story I was not familiar with at all, I'd never heard of Louise Michel. So it was great for me because it was super educational. [Laughs]"

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Runtime: 00:56:16

Jul 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day! We're so excited to welcome excellent colorist Nick Filardi to the Reboot Comic Book Club!

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Nick brings wonderful discussion and keen insight into the role of the colorist, how he makes his impact on the comics he's working on, and what his favorite kind of comics are. 

His profile has steadily increased over the years to the point where he is one of the highly regarded colorists among contemporary creators, plying his craft on titles like Powers with Mike Oeming and Brian Bendis.

Nick and I also discuss two of his latest titles from Oni Press, Chris Sebela and Robert Wilson IV's Heartthrob and Janet Harvey and Megan LevensAngel City, two unique approaches to genre stories with strong visual identities. 

How does he create his pallets and what sort of visual cues does he like to create for his work? LISTEN TO THE DAMN PODCAST TO FIND OUT!

We also discuss Nick's pick for the week, Andrew MacLean's instant classic ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times.

Nick on ApocalyptiGirl:
"The mark of a good comic was that I finished it and I was thinking about it through the day. And I wanted more of the world. I wished that it was slower so that I could read more. You know what I mean? I want to know more about the warring clans, I want to know more about the ONE mechs that came down. I want more of everything. I could easily—I'm sure that Andrew could write a second trade and I'd be just as blown away. The world is just so rich."

We also spoke about Brent Schoonover, who also contributed to my dick sketchbook at Phoenix Comicon, and because Nick demanded it here is the dick that he drew:

Tremor Dick, by Brent Schoonover

Music: "Chipfunk" by Emmett Plant

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Runtime: 00:55:29

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