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Jul 3, 2015
BLACKSAD with Mike Tanner, Greg Smith, and Zach Lehner

Welcome the return of Blacksad! That's right, we're reading another volume of our favorite feline by the immensely talented duo of Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido! 

Joining us for the anthropormorphic noir festivities is the creative team of Oni Press' forthcoming graphic novel, Junior Braves of the Apocalypse! Writers Mike Tanner and Greg Smith and artist Zach Lehner are already hard at work on the second volume but took a break long enough to geek out with us.

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Next week we shall see Zander Cannon come on the show to discuss his amazing comic Kaijumax as well as his pick of the week, Over the Wall by Peter Wartman!

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Jun 26, 2015
DOOMBOY with David Dissanayake

This week is special because we welcome back old friend and co-host David Dissanayake! David used to write for both Bleeding Cool and but is now helping with Marketing and PR for new publication house Magnetic Press!

And to celebrate both Magnetic's first year in comics and their award nominations, we are reading the Eisner-nominated original graphic novel by Tony Sandoval, Doomboy! The story of a young metal guitarist trying to cope with the death of a close friend, the story is an intimate portrayal of insecurity, compassion, and music in the face of loss and dispair. It's friggin' beautiful, too. 

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Next week we welcome the entire creative team of new Oni Press graphic novel, Junior Braves of the Apocalypse v1! We look forward to welcoming Greg Smith, Mike Tanner, and Zach Lehner to the show! 

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Jun 19, 2015
THE ARRIVAL with David Klein

This week's episode sees David Klein joining the podcast. A New York resident and veteran comics creator, Klein joined Sam and Joe to discuss his latest project, an original graphic novel called the Golem's Voice.


And our guest has brought along a wonderful visual story released from Scholastic by the immensely talented Shaun Tanthe Arrival. This story is a surreal yet personal look at immigrating from one land to another and the inevitable struggles of forging a new home and life. It is wonderful storytelling without a single written letter.

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On the next show, old friend David Dissanayake visits his old stomping grounds to discuss the Eisner-nominated graphic novel Doomboy!


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Jun 12, 2015
THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS with Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt of THOMAS ALSOP

On this week's episode we welcome the creators of Boom! Studio's THOMAS ALSOPChris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt! The occult hit's first four issues were recently collected as a trade with the concluding volume to follow shortly. Listen to us review it and not mention the words "Constantine" or "Hellblazer" not even once!

We also discuss the DC Comics classic from Frank Miller and Lynn VarleyTHE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. You've read it. We've read it. Come listen to us jabber about what we think about it and how it affected us. 

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Next week we will have comics veteran David Klein joining the program, bringing along the amazing graphic story THE ARRIVAL by Shaun Tan


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Jun 5, 2015
HAWKWORLD with Tucker Stone

This show sees the return of old friend Tucker Stone, US Sales & Marketing Director of Nobrow! Instead of reading more kickass Copra comics (trust us, we'll get there), Tucker elected to go with something a bit more old school. More old school than Copra, you ask? 

We're reading the Tim Truman classic, Hawkworld. This 1993 3-issue limited series kicked off a bold new era in the world of Hawkman and Hawkgirl and is often overlooked when compared to other stories released in the same era. But Hawkworld might be the cream of the crop.

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On the next episode we welcome Boom! Studios creators of Thomas Alsop, Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt! They've brought the Frank Miller masterpiece the Dark Knight Returns along with them! 


Check out some awesome comics from Nobrow
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May 29, 2015

So it has finally come to this. Why do we insist on hurting the ones we love?

Joe is a huge X-Men fan, so when the time came to review a cherished run that he purchased as an impressionable teen—the critically hailed Uncanny X-Men as written by Chuck Austen—who were we to say no? 

Come find out why Austen's run (issues #421-#427) is considered the best among modern classic X-Men talesohmygodICAN'TDOITANYMORE......

This comic, despite being an easy read with beautiful visuals, is shit. It's so bad. I mean, the nurse's kid using his mutant powers to help mom bang her coma patient? Iceman's shitty glasses? Kurt quitting his position as team leader in one issue, only for that to never be mentioned again? Jubilee lamenting how she never got naked with Skin (?) ON HIS FUCKING GRAVE? And I didn't even mention the AIDS part!

OK. I'm ok. Jeez. Like I said, the art (by Ron Garney, Philip Tan, and Steve Kim) is damn good.

Joining us to talk shitty X-Men comics is comics newcomer and Kickstart success story, Matt Burke! Previously featured on Bleeding CoolBurke is the writer of BIKER MICE FROM MARS based on the cartoon series. He is also an employee (and co-worker of Joe's) at Dr. Fantasy's Comics 'n More in Glendale, AZ. 

Also joining us is returning friend Chase Magnett of and We fucking love that guy.

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On the next show we welcome back our friend Tucker Stone, marketing director of Nobrow Press! And he's brought along the classic Tim Truman story, HAWKWORLD!


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May 22, 2015
KAIJUMAX #1 with Joshua Hale Fialkov

This time we welcome the other half of the creative force behind The BunkerJoshua Hale Fialkov! He also is the writer of The Life After from Oni Press, the Devilers from Dynamite, Punks from Image, and Pacific Rim from Legendary. WHEW. What did I forget?

Josh stops by the show to drop some knowledge and make our hosts feel dumb, especially Joe, but he does it so politely. He's a sweety-pie like that.

He also brought the latest issue of acclaimed cartoonist Zander Cannon's latest work, KAIJUMAX! It's a story of a penetiary for gigantic monsters and the human sentai who watch them. Do you like OZ and Orange is the New Black but feel the distinct absence of kaijus to be insulting? Well, this is the comic for you!

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On the next episode we get to talk about Chuck Austen's crictically adored run on Uncanny X-Men with art by Ron Garney and Philip Tan! Our guests will be pinch hitter Chase Magnett of and the writer of Biker Mice From MarsMatt Burke


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May 15, 2015
THE PRO with Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa

Bust out of your Baby Bjorn and pop open your favorite can of Cheerios—It's TIME for the Bleed!

We are joined by the Action Lab creative team Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa, writer and artist (respectively) of HOLY FUCK. It's a comic about a nun teaming with Jesus and Satan, who may or may not have sex with each other, to stop the apocolypse. And Satan has a UFO. And a perfect anus. It's a crime-noir comedy. 

They've brought with them a doozy of a book to read for the club, too: THE PRO, published by Image, from Garth EnnisAmanda ConnorJimmy Palmiotti, and Paul Mounts! You thought the last premise sounded ridiculous? Well, this one's about a prostitute who gets super-powers from a creepy alien and then joins a group of crimefighters. And THEN shit gets weird.

Yeah, it's one of those shows. 

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Next week we welcome the one and only Joshua Hale Fialkov who makes his first appearance on the show to discuss the Oni Press comic from Zander CannonKAIJUMAX!


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May 8, 2015
MEN OF WRATH with Howard Porter

This week we're lucky to have the supremely talented Howard Porter! He just finished a run on Justice League 3000 and is already working on the follow-up, the appropriately titled Justice League 3001

And he's chosen a book by a personal friend of his, the recently collected Men of Wrath by artist Ron Garney! (I guess that Jason Aaron wrote the thing, but y'know)

On the show we talk about his prolific career, working on the spiritual successor to the beloved "Bwa-ha-ha" Justice League, his evolving style, and key insights into Garney's contributions to Men of Wrath.

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Next week the Holy Fuck team of writer Nick Marino and artist Daniel Arruda Massa stop by the show to talk the classic collaboration of Garth EnnisAmanda ConnerJimmy Palmioti, and Paul Mounts from Image Comics, The Pro


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May 1, 2015
THE WICKED + THE DIVINE v1 with Sara Moni and Anwar Newton

We all need friends. It's even better when they come to your house for dinner.

Sara Moni, cosplayer, and Anwar Newton, commedian, join this week's program. Both are rising stars in their respective communities and HUGE comics fans, and they're also Phoenix, AZ residents as well. That means we get to meet IN THE FLESH!

Sara and Anwar came by Joe's house to discuss costumes, drugs, THAT X-MEN ISSUE, and of course... the pick of the week, the Wicked + the Divine by the creative team of Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson and Clayton Cowles.

What did we think of the book? Well, that'd be spoiling. Take a listen!

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Next week we're hosting the AMAZING Howard Porter! The current artist of Justice League 3000 (and the upcoming Justice League 3001) with DC Comics. We will be reading Men of Wrath by Jason Aaron and Howard's own good friend Ron Garney!


View Sara Moni's cosplay page on Facebook
See Anwar lose his mind at SDCC
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